A cleverly-written film about modern-day racism and its true horror.

Runtime: 104 minutes
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Content Advisory:
R for violence, bloody images, and language including sexual references
Director: Jordan Peele
Written by: Jordan Peele
Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener
🏆 Won Best Original Screenplay | Oscar
🏆 Won Movie of the Year | AFI Award
– See other awards and nominations here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5052448/awards?ref_=tt_awd

Spoilers? Minor.

Jordan Peele has certainly established his career as an actor and improv comedian, and for being known as the other half comedic duo, Key and Peele – in his directorial film debut, he impresses audiences with racially-charged horror/thriller Get Out.

Get Out is full of symbolism, and we get foreshadowing here and there when Chris starts making his way to his girlfriend’s, Rose’s, house for the weekend. Just as how Chris feels a sense of trepidation and impending doom with the eccentric and quirky behaviour he witnesses by the Black people he met at the estate, I too, felt that same sense of looming danger that I thought (numerous times) would have been revealed through jump scares. Surprisingly, jump scares are kept to a minimum and fear is instilled through other devices instead. I’m looking at you, Georgina.

This is a racially-charged film and presents to audiences the problem of modern-day racism – where majority characters are unconsciously saying things to minority characters that, while well-intended, are still offensive and bare racial tropes that are underscored by their White privilege. Peele presents fears faced by the Black community today in various scenarios, which are not overtly racist, but can still be improved on in terms of achieving full racial equality.

While this is a movie with an important social message, I have several qualms over a few parts of the movie. One being Chris’ violent outburst at the end. (Spoiler) While I do agree that perhaps killing the people entrapping him would result in a successful escape, I felt it was a bit too cruel for Chris’ character – the way he killed without hesitation. Personally, I wished that he could have escaped with less gore and murdering.

I also came into this movie with the knowledge of it being a horror film and hence expected more horror elements, but I had an overall sense of it being more of a psychological thriller film. I guess I would have to watch Us next to see Peele’s horror-film directing in its full element.  

Jas Reviews: ★★★1/2☆☆



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